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The New York attorneys at Gordon & Gordon are experienced in approaching cases of all shapes and sizes from different strategic angles in order to provide every client with the strongest and most successful counsel possible.

Here are Examples of Success Stories Achieved by our Attorneys:

Pugh v. NYC

Clayton Pugh, a school bus driver in New York, sustained painful injuries after he was violently struck by another vehicle while parked. With the help of a personal injury lawyer in New York, Pugh brought a case against Salvatore Oddo, the driver who struck Pugh’s vehicle. Attorneys Peter S. Gordon and Peter S. Thomas represented the Plaintiff in court. The case argued that the accident was a direct result of the Defendant’s recklessness, carelessness, and negligence. As a result, Pugh should receive compensation for the expenses he incurred while being treated for his injuries, and for the extended time he was out of work. With the legal assistance of Gordon & Gordon, the Plaintiff was awarded $1.6 million in damages.

Silverio v. Ehrenkranz

Hector Silverio, a loving husband, and father of three had the right of way when crossing an intersection in NYC when another driver struck him out of nowhere. Edward M. Ehrenkranz recklessly ran a red light, and the resulting collision required Silverio to visit the emergency room. With hundreds of thousands of dollars in hospital costs, medical bills, and vehicle repairs coupled with the three months of inability to work, Silverio was facing an undeserved mountain of expenses from the accident. With the legal representation of Attorneys Peter S. Gordon and Jason S. Matuskiewicz, Silverio was able to bring a well-argued case against the Defendant. The case was settled just before jury selection for $750,000.

DeLeon v New York City

Gordon & Gordon helped Ana DeLeon receive compensation for injuries resulting from a painful fall. When walking to work, the Plaintiff tripped over raised concrete and suffered various injuries that required multiple surgeries and months of rehab. No signs were placed in front of the obstruction to warn pedestrians. With legal representation from Peter S. Gordon, Ms. DeLeon successfully argued that she was unable to earn an income and incurred significant medical debt from the fall and was owed damages as a result. The case was settled during jury selection for $475,000.

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