New York Trademark, Copyright & Intellectual Property Law

Intangible assets such as intellectual property are a critical element to your business. Intellectual property adds value to your business and plays a key role in differentiation from your competitors. Enforcing and protecting intellectual property rights is critical for a business to maintain competitive advantage.


Our IP Legal Services


Today’s intellectual property environment has become increasingly complex. The New York attorneys at Gordon & Gordon are experienced in trademark, copyright, and intellectual property law. We have the expertise to deliver the correct plans and strategies to identify, leverage, safeguard, and enforce the laws to protect your intellectual property assets from others. Depending on individual client needs, we use our knowledge to determine the best solutions for every legal issue.

Some issues we handle include:

• Brand Protection
• Confidential Information
• Copyrights
• Employee and University Inventions
• Franchising
• Intellectual Property Rights agreements
• Intellectual Property Rights protection
• Intellectual Property Rights Management
• Intellectual Property Rights Strategies
• IP Litigation
• License and Distribution Agreements
• Patents Industrial Design Rights
• Right of Publicity
• Trade Dress
• Trade Knowhow
• Trade Secrets
• Trademarks
• Unfair Competition


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Gordon & Gordon’s intellectual property lawyers are committed to providing our clients with the best legal advice, intellectual property litigation, and tailored services available.

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