The Differences Between the EEOC Process and Hiring an Attorney for Job Discrimination

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If you believe you are a victim of job discrimination, the first question you may have is whether you need to take your claim to the EEOC or hire an attorney. In most situations, claims have to be submitted through the EEOC, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work with an attorney to ensure you’re making the proper claims for your case. Working with a reputable NYC law firm is the first step to take in most cases so they can help you throughout the process. Here’s why doing this can help you with your job discrimination case.

An Attorney Can Guide You Through The EEOC Process

Hiring an attorney in New York is not necessary to file a complaint with the EEOC. However, you owe it to yourself to at least talk to employment lawyers in NYC for advice. They may be able to identify certain aspects of your case that you aren’t aware of to potentially make your case stronger. Plus, an attorney won’t just settle for what the EEOC gives you. Depending on the type of claim you’re making, you might be able to bypass the EEOC altogether and file your claim directly with the federal court.

You Have More Control With An Attorney

When you file a claim directly with the EEOC, you are at their mercy as far as how quickly your case moves forward. And, in most cases, the EEOC won’t negotiate and fight for you nearly as much as an attorney in New York would. Hiring a private lawyer gives you more control with regards to how the proceedings go and what the potential settlements could be. Many times the case won’t even have to go to court if the NYC law firm is great at negotiating and can resolve the case with your employer quietly.

Don’t Wait To Begin The Legal Process

Regardless of which direction you decide to go, don’t wait to start the legal process of your job discrimination claim. Missing a critical deadline or time limit to submit claims can be detrimental to the chances of getting a favorable outcome. When you work with employment lawyers in NYC, they will advise you of the relevant deadlines and be proactive in ensuring they are all met. Working directly with the EEOC yourself is entirely possible and many people do it, but hiring an attorney will often present a much better outcome.

At Gordon & Gordon, we fight to help protect the rights of innocent employees who just want to make a living. Employers will often stretch the laws as much as they can to their benefit, and some of them end up crossing the line. If you ever feel like you are being mistreated by your employer, contact us to schedule a free case evaluation. We have many years of experience and work every day to build our reputation by fighting for clients’ rights like yours.