An Overview of Wage and Hour Lawsuits

A wage and hour lawsuit may be filed if an employee or group of employees believe they are not being paid the minimum wage, are not being paid for overtime, are being forced to work off the clock and more. These lawsuits can be filed individually, or sometimes most effectively as a class action lawsuit. Your attorney in New York can determine the type of lawsuit to file, but having a basic understanding of wage and hour lawsuits can help you determine whether a lawsuit is worth pursuing.

Most Common Wage and Hour Lawsuits

There are many situations in which a wage and hour lawsuit could be filed, but most of them revolve around an employer not paying minimum wage or not compensating the employee for overtime hours worked. Every job and industry has its own specific laws, so employment lawyers in NYC usually have to sort out the details for employees.

Another common wage and hour lawsuit is when employees are being forced to work off the clock. This could be in the realm of promotional work or other activities, which employees see as being on the clock, but employers see as being part of unpaid job requirements. Seek out the best NYC law firm you can find in any of these situations.

Is It Worth It To Pursue A Wage and Hour Lawsuit?

Many times individual employees or small groups of employees will take up their concerns with the employers. If the employer does nothing to rectify the wage and hour issue, then the employees will simply find another job. The decision is ultimately up to you, but you at least owe it to yourself to speak with an attorney in New York to determine whether it’s worth it to pursue a wage and hour lawsuit. You may be surprised at the compensation you’re entitled to.

Relief for Wage and Hour Lawsuits

Most of the time the relief for wage and hour lawsuits include an employer paying for back wages owed to an employee or group of employees. Relief could also be in the form of changes in a company policies to ensure these types of issues do not occur in the future. Employment lawyers in NYC see different situations every day, so they are well-equipped for handling them and knowing the relief options available to you.

Gordon & Gordon works diligently to ensure employees receive the compensation they are owed by their employers. We specialize in wage and hour lawsuits and have an experienced attorney in New York ready to evaluate your case. For more information on how we can help you, contact us today to set up a free consultation.