Avoid These Four Mistakes If Facing Criminal Charges

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If you’re in a situation where facing criminal charges seems inevitable, it’s important to understand that your case is far from being decided. In many cases, you have more control of your situation than you would think, especially if you work with one of the top law firms in NYC. Every action you take can be used against you, so you must be careful and conscious about everything you do, including online. We’ve provided you with four common mistakes you should avoid if facing criminal charges.

Don’t Talk To Police Officers

Police officers will provide you with the opportunity to speak or explain your side of the story. But every word you say could be used as evidence against you in a court proceeding. You will not get in trouble for remaining silent as it’s your right to do so. Instead, lean on the experience of your criminal attorney in New York to guide you in everything you say or do when it comes to working with the police.

Stay Off Social Media

Posting things on social media can hurt your case even more than speaking to the police in some situations. Even private messages may be forced to be exposed in court. Every New York attorney will caution clients that each post they make on social media will be scrutinized and used against them in some way. It’s best to refrain from making any type of post on any social media platform, especially if it’s relevant to your active case.

Never Miss A Court Date

Your criminal attorney in New York will also tell you to be timely to every court date and never miss one. While you may not benefit from being on time for every date, you won’t be setting a good standard at all if you decide to show up late or skip a date. If life truly gets in the way and you have circumstances beyond your control that force you to miss a date, call your New York attorney immediately to discuss the situation. You will likely need to provide documentation proving the extraordinary circumstances to be excused without it counting against you.

Avoid Representing Yourself In A Legal Proceeding

It may be tempting to represent yourself in a legal proceeding, but it should be avoided at all costs. An experienced criminal attorney in New York gives you the best chance of a favorable outcome in your case. They’ve seen numerous cases before and will have the resources available to provide thorough attention to your case. The outcome won’t be guaranteed, but compared to representing yourself, a New York attorney will put together a strong defense on your behalf.

Gordon & Gordon makes every effort to help clients with their criminal charges. If we are unable to have the charges dropped completely, we will work tirelessly to reduce the charges. As one of the top law firms in NYC, we have extensive experience in many different areas, so contact us today to schedule your free consultation and let us go to work for you.