What Not to do During the Divorce Process

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Going through a divorce is always difficult for many reasons. This is especially true if children are involved since you want to keep them out of the conflicts as much as possible. As you’re in the middle of the divorce process, your New York lawyer should give you advice on what to do and what not to do to help your case and negotiations. We’ve focused on common mistakes people make that cause significant issues during their divorce proceedings.

Never Hide or Neglect Finances

When you start looking at how assets will be divided, it’s tempting to try to hide some of them so you can keep as much as possible. However, every New York divorce lawyer will tell you this is a critical mistake as it can lead to legal penalties. Instead, be transparent with your assets and rely on your lawyer to fight for them on your behalf. It’s also important to keep your finances under control during divorce proceedings and be responsible with your money.

Stay Off of Social Media

Nowadays one of the most common mistakes people make during a divorce is taking out some of their anger and frustration on social media. Everything you say online can and most likely will be used against you, so it’s best to stay away from it until the divorce process has concluded. If you need to get something off of your chest, speak with a family member, a close friend or even your New York lawyer in a sophisticated manner.

Don’t Be Combative

The more couples argue about different aspects of their divorce proceeding, the longer the process will be. As difficult as it may seem, be as reasonable and positive as possible and the negotiations with your New York divorce lawyer will go much more smoothly. If your spouse is being more combative, take the opposite approach and trust that your lawyer will have your back.

Don’t Take Advice From Family and Friends Seriously

You need to stay close with your family and friends during this difficult time. However, it’s important to remember they are not legal experts, even though their advice is well-intentioned. If some of their advice makes sense to you and sounds like a good idea, be sure to run it by your New York lawyer first. The last thing you want to do is take an action that could hurt your divorce proceeding in the long run.

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