The Top New York Car Accident Laws to Know

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Knowing the New York laws regarding car accidents can help make the process quicker and smoother if an accident occurs. No one ever wants to get in a car accident, but understanding your options in the event of an injury or significant damage to your vehicle can ensure you are compensated for those losses. The top law firms in NYC can help you with your specific case, and we’ve gone over some of the most important laws to be familiar with.

New York Is A No-Fault State

Being a no-fault state when it comes to car insurance simply means you have to file claims under your insurance to be compensated, regardless of who was at fault in the crash. A specific set of guidelines and prerequisites must be followed for a driver to make a claim against another driver if they believe they are completely clear of being at fault. Otherwise, to be compensated for medical bills, vehicle damage, or any other financial losses, you will have to work directly with your insurance provider.

Understanding Pure Comparative Fault

You may have to speak with a New York lawyer to determine whether the other driver was entirely at fault for an accident or if pure comparative fault laws come into play. The pure comparative fault law means both parties are at least partly at fault for causing the accident. Getting a New York lawyer immediately is crucial to help your case in these situations. The jury will look at both sides to determine the percentage of fault of each party. So if it’s determined that you were 70% responsible for the accident, you will be responsible for 70% of the damage to the other vehicle or driver. But this also means that you are entitled to receive 30% of your damages from the other party. Pure comparative fault can get tricky, so working with the top law firms in NYC is highly recommended.

Statute Of Limitations And Reporting Car Accidents

It’s not only a good practice to report car accidents immediately when they occur; it’s the law. If property damage exceeds $1,001 due to a car crash, each driver involved in the accident must fill out a form and submit it to the DMV within ten days of the crash to report the accident. Of course, if anyone loses their life or is injured in any way, the police must be notified right away, and they will file an accident report. Leaving the scene of an accident is unlawful, so it’s best to contact law enforcement to have the laws explained to you right away.

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