Charges for Domestic Violence Doesn’t Always Mean Jail Time

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The first thought many people have when facing a domestic violence charge is not only whether they will spend time in jail, but for how long. The state of New York often takes a balanced approach and looks out for the best interest of the victims as well as holding the accused accountable for their actions. When the alleged accuser gets significant jail time, they can’t earn income to meet their financial obligations like child support. This is when working with a good New York attorney can help look at different options, depending on the situation, to ensure the victim does not have to suffer financially as a result of their abuser’s actions.

Interim Probation Supervision is an Option

An experienced criminal attorney in New York may be able to help people charged with domestic violence get interim probation supervision instead of jail time. This simply means the person’s sentencing is delayed by one year and they will be under close supervision throughout the year. Once the one-year supervision period has concluded, they will have their time in court to receive their sentencing.

Courts Decide The Conditions of Interim Probation Supervision

The court will decide what conditions have to be met to avoid jail time following the interim probation supervision period. A New York attorney will negotiate the terms on their client’s behalf as well, which could result in a much lighter sentence if all of the conditions are met. Some of the common conditions courts will set forth include being employed through the duration of the one-year probation period, performing community service, participating in a program about domestic violence and not being in any contact with the victim.

Work With A Reputable and Trustworthy Lawyer

A reputable NYC law firm will review your entire case to determine whether interim probation supervision is a viable option. Many lawyers will simply represent clients just to attempt to lower their sentencing without looking at alternative options. However, the best criminal attorney in New York will fight tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcome arises for the accused and the victim.

Gordon & Gordon makes every effort to reduce domestic violence charges or have them dropped completely. We understand how charges of this nature impact not only the accused, but also the victim, family and friends as well. Our NYC law firm has handled numerous domestic violence cases and has never backed down. If you’ve been charged with domestic violence and don’t know what to do next, contact us today for a free case evaluation and see how we can help you.