Mental Hygiene & Guardianship Law

At Gordon & Gordon, our New York attorneys have a range of experience in helping clients faced with the care of family members or loved ones who aren’t able to make their own decisions about their personal care or finances. Our Mental Hygiene and Guardianship Law attorneys are experienced with durable powers of attorney and other mental hygiene related proceedings under New York State Law.


Reliable Guardianship Assistance


When individuals come to us seeking lawful guardianship of another person, they can expect thorough and dependable service from our experts. By becoming a legal guardian, an individual is appointed as the decision-maker for the care and personal needs of an incapacitated person. Guardianship of the property gives the guardian responsibility for the incapacitated person’s personal and real property. One person can have both types of guardianships at the same time.


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In addition to appointing guardians, our New York Mental Hygiene Law and Guardianship Law attorneys can also represent any opposition to an individual’s request for guardianship.

If you need a Mental Hygiene or Guardianship Law attorney in New York, contact us for a free case evaluation. Our experts are prepared to handle any type of case in this area.

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