Wills, Estates & Probate Law

The attorneys at Gordon & Gordon dedicate their extensive experience and resources to help both families and individual clients plan and secure their long-term goals for the future. Our experienced New York attorneys help clients decide how to allocate and plan out their resources to get their maximum potential now and in the future.

We offer a full range of New York wills, estates, probate, and elder law services. We also handle a range of related litigation issues, such as will contests, fiduciary liability actions and distribution disputes.


Estates and Trusts


At Gordon & Gordon, we have the New York law experience and resources to enable us to best advise our clients on every aspect of their plans for the future, as well as business succession decisions. We will work with any other professional advisors our clients have involved to ensure we’re making the best of all their resources to meet all of their needs.  Our New York attorneys will also prepare a range of related documents in support of our clients and their wishes.

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