Employment Discrimination/EEOC

In the United States, all employees are entitled to a variety of legal protections and benefits at work. These protections are afforded through state and federal laws including small rights, such as guaranteed lunch breaks, and larger ones, such as prohibiting workplace discrimination.

However, you may still find yourself in a situation where your employer fails to be compliant with New York employment laws, or even voluntarily violates legal requirements. These types of illegal behaviors can substantially impact workers’ daily lives, both personally and professionally.


How to Combat Employment Discrimination


Too many workers in these positions don’t know how to approach legally combating illegal treatment in the workplace, or have the resources to do it alone. For this reason, it’s often necessary for employees who have experienced unfair or otherwise illegal treatment from their employer to get quality legal representation for the justice they deserve.

At Gordon & Gordon, we’re committed to putting the power back in the hands of workers by helping them fight illegal and unethical treatment.

If you find yourself in a situation where you feel your employer is mistreating you, contact us. We’ll discuss the details of your issue and help you understand whether or not you have a case, and what to do next.

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