Residential and Commercial Real Estate Closing

Congratulations! You’re going through a residential or commercial real estate closing and that’s exciting. However, the process can sometimes be very time-consuming and complex. Every situation is different, so even if you’ve done multiple closings before, it’s best to have a real estate attorney on your side to iron out all the details. The smallest misstep could lead to a big burden if you aren’t careful. Real estate closings happen every day in New York City, so let Gordon & Gordon help you when your time comes.


Residential Closings


We’ve represented both buyers and sellers in real estate transactions, so no situation is too complex for our experienced attorneys. Residential real estate closings aren’t as complex from a legal standpoint as commercial closings, but most homeowners don’t have a degree in real estate law. With a Gordon & Gordon attorney by your side to review all the legal language, you’ll sleep better knowing you aren’t putting yourself in a potentially damaging situation.


Commercial Closings


If you are involved with commercial real estate closings in New York without a real estate lawyer, you are putting yourself and your business at risk. A small mistake or misunderstanding could be detrimental and costly for your business, so it’s not worth putting it all in jeopardy. You may have gone through commercial closings before, but having a real estate attorney is still a valuable asset to help you deal with the law changes and last-minute glitches that crop up during closings.

Partner with an expert. Closings for both residential and commercial real estate are not simple processes. They take a lot of time and require a lot of man-hours before final papers can be signed. When it’s time for you to close on your real estate, contact us at Gordon & Gordon to ensure the process runs smoothly and you won’t experience any devastating surprises along the way.

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