How to Understand the Requirements of Minimum Wage

It’s no secret every employee wants to make as much money as possible, and employers want to hire the best talent for the lowest price they can. The problem employers can run into is when they pay employees an amount less than what they are required to by law. Minimum wage laws aren’t necessarily as clear-cut as they seem at times, so as an employee, it could be valuable to keep in contact with a New York attorney to ensure you are being compensated fairly. Here are some of the basics to understand.

How Minimum Wage Works

The best NYC law firms can provide you with a set of specific guidelines based on the industry you’re in and the type of work your employees do. It’s important to understand the minimum wage rate increases slightly every year, but some of the determining factors of the rate employees must be paid include the size of the company you work for, the counties in New York you work in, whether you are considered exempt or non-exempt, the industry you work in and more. The minimum wage was set at $7.25/hour back in 2009 and will continue to increase annually until the rate eventually reaches $15.00/hour.

Exempt Vs. Non-Exempt Employees

Exempt employees don’t fall under the minimum wage requirements, and employers also aren’t required to pay them overtime. However, consulting with employment lawyers in NYC can prove to be valuable, since there could be some gray areas regarding exempt versus non-exempt status for employees. In broad terms, exempt employees include anyone who performs administrative, professional or executive job duties. Since these categories are so broad and many different job responsibilities can fall within them, a New York attorney may need to help you determine whether you are entitled to minimum wage requirements or if you’re classified as exempt.

Discuss Any Concerns With A New York Attorney

Not paying employees the rate they are owed by law can lead to significant fees and penalties for employers. And employees can benefit from receiving back pay if it’s proven an employer was not paying them what they were owed by law. It’s always advisable by a New York attorney for an employer to clearly define an employee’s job responsibilities, so it’s easier to understand their classification based on factual evidence. Court proceedings revolving around wage law are heavily fact-based. Any concerns or questions you have should go through a reputable New York attorney to ensure you are getting paid for what you are entitled to.

Gordon & Gordon is here to protect employees and ensure they are getting paid the proper amount required by law. Many times employers will stretch the limits as much as they possibly can, and sometimes can end up violating laws and requirements in the process. If you’re in a situation where you believe your employer is not following minimum wage laws in any way, contact us to schedule a consultation and we would be happy to review your case thoroughly with you.