What Not to do in a Divorce Settlement


Divorce proceedings are difficult no matter how you look at them. Everything could be great one day and life changes drastically the next. You shouldn’t rush into hiring the first attorney you can find, though. Researching and finding the best New York divorce lawyer is in your best interest for many reasons. In addition to representing you to ensure you’re treated fairly, they can provide you advice on what to do and what not to do throughout the settlement process. One critical mistake can complicate your case, so here are some things to consider.

Not Considering Mediation

Mediation often makes divorce settlements go much more smoothly and is less costly for the parties involved. A third-party unbiased mediator will help both parties work to an agreement that is fair for each other, even though sometimes agreements aren’t reached. It’s well worth your time and effort to go through the mediation process and your New York divorce lawyer may suggest it as well depending on your case.

Don’t Hire The Wrong Attorney

There are plenty of divorce lawyers in NYC but it doesn’t mean they are all equally as good as one another. You may want to hire an aggressive attorney, but you don’t want to hire a combative one. The best NYC law firms will offer free consultations to allow you the chance to briefly explain your case and hear about what the firm has to offer. Take advantage of this opportunity to evaluate the pros and cons of the attorney you speak with and only make a decision when you feel comfortable doing so.

Don’t Assume Anything Regarding Finances

No matter how highly involved you were in your family’s finances, you can’t take anything for granted during divorce proceedings. A good New York divorce lawyer may even suggest working with a financial expert to ensure your budget is calculated correctly. Many times people will underestimate their cost of living, tax consequences and more. What may seem like a good situation for you on the surface may not actually provide you what you need after the proceedings have concluded.

Don’t Take Settlement Proposals Lightly

Your New York divorce lawyer should help you evaluate settlement proposals completely with both a short-term and long-term outlook. Divorce settlements can be impactful for the rest of your life so everything must be taken into consideration. This includes all incomes, assets, child support, living expenses and even inflation. When you evaluate any given settlement proposal, it’s wise to analyze what your lifestyle would be like going forward if you accepted it.

Gordon & Gordon knows how tough it is for both parties going through a divorce settlement. As your New York divorce lawyer, we will focus our attention on all of the details of your case in order to make the resolution as cost-effective as possible. If a settlement cannot be reached out of court, we are prepared to represent you in court as well. We are one of the most experienced and reputable NYC law firms and ready to help you. If you need trustworthy attorneys to handle your case, contact us today to schedule your consultation.