Rent Free Living Isn’t a Payment Option

Anyone hired to do work must be paid a specific wage. Some individuals or employers try to be creative by offering different payment options in the form of living rent free, not having to pay for food or groceries or anything else. The fact is this is not a valid payment option and employees are entitled to earn wages in accordance with wage law in New York. The best New York attorneys can review your case and determine exactly what amount you are owed based on the amount you worked.

Living Rent Free is Only a Perk

There have been many lawsuits filed against employers offering perks as forms of payment. Living rent free is exactly that: a perk. If your only form of payment comes as living rent free, a labor wage attorney can help you receive the wages you’re entitled to. There can be many complications along the way when it comes to negotiations between an employer and employees, but there are no complications when it comes to wage law. Don’t just accept a job because it lets you live rent free.

You Could Earn Back Wages

If you’ve been working for free for years, but are taking advantage of perks offered like living rent free, you may be entitled to back wages. Employers tend to think they are doing the right thing by providing employees with this perk and writing it off as payment. However, those employers aren’t familiar with wage law. When an employer is vocal in their claims that their payment to employees was in the form of free rent, a labor wage attorney can use that against them to make them pay back wages.

Take Appropriate Action With Lost Wage Accusations

When it comes to lost wage accusations, you need to handle the situation carefully. Anything you say can and will be used against you, so let the employer do all of the talking. A labor wage attorney can explain all the details to you, and you may need to provide information about how long you’ve been working, what the terms of your agreement were and how much you believe you’re entitled to when it comes to back wages.

Gordon & Gordon takes labor wage law seriously and we want to help ensure you are entitled to the wages you deserve. If you’re in a situation where you’re receiving perks as opposed to wages for your employment payment, be sure to contact us to speak with a labor wage attorney.