When to Consider Changing Divorce Lawyers

Switching to a new NYC divorce lawyer in the middle of your case isn’t always ideal, but sometimes it may be necessary. There should be some very good reasons as to why you would make the switch, other than you had a simple disagreement with your lawyer. Various complications can come from a change like this, not to mention extensive legal fees. Here are some of the main reasons why you might want to consider changing your New York divorce lawyer.

Your Lawyer is Constantly Disorganized

You have to trust the lawyer you work with completely. One way a lawyer may lose some of your trust is by asking you to send over documents twice, not remembering a conversation you had or being disorganized overall. This could be a red flag indicating your New York divorce lawyer isn’t locked into your case as much as they should be. With a very sensitive proceeding dealing with divorce, you need your lawyer to be engaged and organized for your own peace of mind.

Phone Calls or Emails Aren’t Being Returned

One thing you have to understand is lawyers are very busy. However, you are also paying your NYC divorce lawyer, so you expect to at least have phone calls or emails returned promptly. No matter how busy a lawyer is, you should expect a return phone call or email no longer than 48 hours after you send it. Chances are at least a staff member at the law firm listened to your voicemail or read your email and passed it along, but the lawyer has to prioritize based on their workload. With that being said, if there’s an urgent matter and you can’t get a response, then it may be time for a change.

Deadlines Are Being Missed

The best law firms in NYC won’t miss a deadline. And if they do, they will pay out of pocket to settle any extensions or other penalties for missing it. If that’s not the case with your lawyer, then it’s definitely time to find a new one. This shows a lack of management skills, especially if the missed deadline is completely within their control.

What To Do Next

The key point to remember is to not make any knee-jerk decisions regarding your lawyer. Go back and evaluate the reasons why you hired your lawyer in the first place and what your expectations were. If none of those expectations have been met and the lawyer simply isn’t as good as you thought they would be, then consult with other law firms in NYC to find a better fit.

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