An Uber Driver Gets Justice After Being Struck By A Negligent Driver

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On a quiet morning in mid-July 2015, Hector Silverio, who is happily married to the love of his life and is the proud father of three amazing children, was driving on a normal route in a familiar area of New York City. At around 9:50 am, Silverio’s car was violently struck by another vehicle. The operator, Edward M. Ehrenkranz, was driving a vehicle owned by the City of New York, the New York Police Department, and Fleet Services. 

As the Plaintiff was simply minding his own business at the time of the accident, the collision came without warning. The Defendant made a left turn when the light at the intersection was still red. With a green light, Silverio continued through the intersection only to be struck by Ehrenkranz. It was a direct collision that caused significant damage to both vehicles and drivers. The accident occurred near Grand Concourse on or close to where it intersects with East 165th Street in the Bronx County of the City and State of New York. 

Silverio searched for a reputable and successful New York attorney to represent him legally. He rightfully took to Gordon & Gordon to find the best personal injury lawyer in New York to increase the chances of receiving the damage he justly deserved. Attorneys Peter S. Gordon and Jason S. Matuskiewicz accepted the case and immediately started working on their strategy. It was the official stance of Silverio and his attorneys that the accident was solely caused by the recklessness, carelessness, and negligence of Ehrenkranz, the Defendant. 

The violence of the car accident was enough to require Silverio to visit a hospital. He was rushed from the site of the incident to St. Barnabas hospital emergency room where he was attended to. The injuries that the Plaintiff sustained as a direct result of the accident are lasting and permanent in nature. In addition to permanent scarring on his lower abdomen and lower back, Silverio also had to undergo multiple and invasive surgeries to his lumbar spine – one of the most sensitive areas on the human body. He also suffered injuries to his left forearm and left shoulder, making it harder to complete everyday tasks and make normal movements. 

With the help of a New York lawyer from Gordon & Gordon, Silverio argued that compensation was due also for the significant amount of medical expenses required to treat the injuries resulting directly from the accident in which the Plaintiff had no fault. The cost of physician services alone added up to around $375,450. Silverio had to spend hundreds of thousands more in hospital fees for diagnostic tests, X-rays, ambulatory services, medical supplies, drugs, and other related hospital expenses. He was also forced out of work for three months as an Uber driver which resulted in a net loss of $65,000. The damages to his car were paid out-of-pocket. 

Peter Gordon, a prominent attorney in New York, opined that the expenses directly related to the accident shouldn’t fall at the feet of Silverio since he had no part in the accident. Instead, it was argued that the Defendant should be held responsible since it was his negligence and recklessness at the time that caused the accident, the following injuries, and, as a result, the accompanying expenses. The Jury was able to reach a settlement on behalf of both parties. The Plaintiff was awarded $750,000 for his injuries. 

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