Top Reasons to Avoid Online Wills

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People often wait until they are older to think about creating their Will. You’re never too young to put together your Will, but every New York lawyer will recommend doing it as early as possible. There are a couple of common reasons why people think filling out an online Will is better for them. One is because the cost is much cheaper. Another is not having to spend time talking to NYC law firms. The truth is making your Will online can cause more harm than good, and we’ve provided some of the top reasons to avoid them.

Your Assets Might Not Be Fully Protected

Benefit laws set by the government are very complex and every person’s situation is unique. So while filling out an online Will might seem like a simple thing to do, you shouldn’t have a lot of confidence that your assets will be fully protected. An elder law attorney will look at your entire family situation and assets and put together strategies to ensure every aspect of your life is protected. That’s something you can’t guarantee with an online Will.

Online Wills Can Be Challenging To Execute

With online Wills, the Executor might not be granted full rights to manage estates and fulfill the obligations outlined in the Will. The language of Wills is incredibly detailed and one small mistake could lead to the named executor not being able to carry out their duties. An elder law attorney will always suggest naming an alternative executor as well just in case the primary executor is unwilling or unable to perform the duties.

Online Wills Don’t Plan Beyond What Is Assumed

The best Wills put together by a New York lawyer should look past what is assumed and look at every possible scenario. You might assume you’ll outlive your spouse and will have the same assets later that you do now. Accidents or circumstances can happen at any time that changes your life, but online Wills won’t consider those. That’s where the experience and expertise of an elder law attorney are beneficial.

Gordon & Gordon has many years of experience handling many different elder law situations. Your Will is one of the most important legal documents you can have and it’s not worth it to save time or money by doing it online. We will work with you to make the process as seamless as possible, so contact us today to schedule a consultation.