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Gordon & Gordon is a partnership of two award-winning writers who specialize in technology, Gordon Graham and Manuel Gordon. Our clients hire us to explain complex products and to persuade demanding customers. And we share our many years of experience through practical, cost-effective consulting and training.

Writing to explain and writing to persuade.

Every technology company needs both.

Gordon & Gordon do both. And do them right the first time. To your deadline and your budget. Without wasting your precious time or money.


Manuel Gordon


Gordon Graham

Writing to explain:
very technical

Especially for programmers and system / network administrators: SDKs, server software for NT, UNIX or mainframe, and system design documents (SDLC).

Writing to persuade:
crisp white papers and
case studies

Everything you need to tell your company's story: compelling customer stories. and persuasive white papers.

"Documenting APIs and SDKs: the DVD"

Need help getting started writing an SDK?

Already doing APIs, but want to check if you're on the right track?

No budget for travel... no time for training?

API writing guru Manuel Gordon comes to you on this double-DVD set that captures the entire content of his unique workshop on documenting APIs and SDKs. It's the next best thing to being there!

Now you can work with developers with more confidence than ever to create truly useful SDK documentation. Stop cutting and pasting, and start writing—today!

More about "Documenting APIs and SDKs: the DVD"

Also available: Just Enough Java: the DVD

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How to reach
Manuel Gordon

Tel: (514) 934-3274
(Eastern Time)

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How to reach
Gordon Graham

Tel: (705) 842-2428
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